Owners Corporations

An owners corporation is required when you own a unit within a complex that has more than one lot and a common area. You can view this in accordance with your subdivision of the area. 

An Owners Corporation Manager is the company or person that looks after the interests of the common area, ensuring insurance covers public liability, lawns are mowed, common area electricity is paid, common area water is paid, common area maintenance is completed and the model rules are kept and abided by within the complex. 

A manager can be an owner of one of the lots provided that majority of members agree - for example, should there be 8 units within the complex, there must be atleast 5 lot owners agree on who the manager is. This can also be outsourced to a company to complete for a fee. 

Coronis Latrobe is one of two local Owners Corporation Management companies in the Gippsland area. We manage a number of complexes from Traralgon through to Bairnsdale and we keep this area smaller than our Property Management area due to the size of the complexes that we manage. 

If you are part of an owners corporation and you are looking for a managing company - or looking to change from your current agency, have no hesitation in contacting us to discuss your needs and requirements.